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Masters Thesis


School for Social Work


Gould Farm (Organization), Therapeutic communities-Massachusetts-Monterey-Evaluation, Psychotherapy-Outcome assessment, Quantitative research, Psychosocial therapeutic community, Mental health outcomes, Gould Farm


This study reexamined the data on outcomes of programming with clients at Gould Farm, a psychosocial therapeutic community located in Monterey Massachusetts. The methods of treatment currently utilized at Gould Farm were explored and evaluated through this reexamination as well. The data was analyzed to determine if there was a positive change in client satisfaction scores on the Quality of Life Scale between the intake interview and the discharge interview, and additionally from the discharge interview to the six month follow up interview. The data was also analyzed to determine if there was a relationship between the length of stay and the satisfaction scores. Based on the data, it was possible to better understand who is able to participate in the therapeutic milieu and the overall quality of life for the clients both before and after spending time at Gould Farm. The data provides a better understanding of the client's subjective satisfaction with their mental health, community support, daily structure, physical health, relationships with family members, social relationships, and independent living skills.. In every area, the findings showed that clients reported higher levels of satisfaction upon discharge. In the six month follow up group (n=21), there were no significant positive changes reported. The outcomes also revealed that there was a significant correlation between the length of stay and satisfaction with social relationships, however there were no significant correlations between the length of stay and any of the other satisfaction variables. In addition, it was significant to note that as the length of stay by months increased, the rating on the satisfaction scale also increased.




iv, 58 pages. Thesis (M.S.W.)--Smith College School for Social Work, 2015. Includes bibliographical references (pages 49-55)