"You Just Want to Feel Free": Domestic Workers and Antiblackness

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Framed by the reflections of contemporary Black domestic worker organizers, this documentary film explores how anti-Black racism has shaped the experiences of Black domestic workers. It explains how antiblackness evolved in the United States after the end of slavery and the many ways Black domestic workers fought back for their own dignity, respect, and freedom.

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Para ver la película en español, haga clic aquí / To view the film in Spanish, click here: vimeo.com/579453195/85a0b9369f

This film will have captions and/or voice-over Nepali, Haitian Creole, Tagalog/Filipino by Fall 2021, and Portuguese by Fall 2022.

To see the interactive timeline, A History of Domestic Work and Worker Organizing follow this link to the Smith ScholarWorks' record.

All facets of the project: timeline, curriculum, portraits, and videos are available at The National Domestic Workers Alliance website link here: Domestic Worker History.

This document is currently not available here.