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Editor's Introduction to the issue "Translations across Black Feminist Diasporas" archived as published.

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As anthropologist Christen Smith contends in her contribution to this issue, "Because of the tendency to over-emphasize the experiences of English-speaking Black women" within the global project of Black feminist studies, Afro-Latin American women's voices have been "muted," despite the fact that they "have made significant theoretical and philosophical interventions that could potentially change the way that we think about gendered racial politics transnationally." Cognizant that feminist academics and activists in the United States and the global North, including many U.S.-African Americans and other feminists of color, often lack access to the critical insights and innovations developed by Black feminist theories and practices emergent in the "South" of the Americas, we organized this two-volume guest-edited issue of Meridians as a work of political and cultural translation....

Meridians 14:2



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