Dies Legibiles

Founding Editors: Isabella Double, Smith College
Marian Zens, Smith College
Caroline Pace, Smith College
Lily Sickman-Garner, Smith College
Dies Legibiles is a medieval historical journal run by Smith College students and made up of submissions from students around the country. We provide a platform for undergraduate historical works and aim to promote the exchange of ideas throughout the next generation of historians. Over our two issues, we have compiled student works covering a variety of topics and viewpoints, and we are excited to continue doing so in the future.

Current Volume: Volume 3 (2023) Dies Legibiles III


Thank you for reading the third volume of Dies Legibiles! We’ve had an exciting semester, as our core editorial team was composed entirely of students who were new to the journal. Though this came with a certain amount of trial and error, it also brought a sense of passion and drive that served us well: we received more submissions this year than ever before. Many of our submissions came from outside Smith College and the Five College Consortium—including several international submissions! We are thrilled to expand our outreach and cover a wider array of perspectives and topics.