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Masters Thesis

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Mixed methods

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Master of Social Work


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Imprisonment, Sexual minorities-Effect of imprisonment on, Minorities-Effect of imprisonment on, Prison violence, Sex crimes, Race, Psychic traume, Incarceration, Sexual violence, LGBTQ, Trauma


The current mixed-method study examined the intersection of race and sexual violence among LGBTQ prisoners while incarcerated. The study used secondary data from a survey of LGBTQ prisoners collected by an organization in 2014 (N=1093). Historically, the criminal justice system has criminalized and discriminated against LGBTQ persons, and reports show a prevalence of abuse occurs during incarceration. Quantitatively, the study aimed to determine a relationship between race and sexual violence; qualitatively, it aimed to understand how prisoners in this study experienced sexual violence. Findings suggested: Black, Latinx/Hispanic, and Mixed race prisoners had significantly lower likelihood of unwanted touching from another prisoner; and Black, Latinx/Hispanic, Mixed, and Other race prisoners had significantly lower likelihood of sexual assault from another prisoner. Themes found within the qualitative data were the presence of differences in race, affect, and complexity when prisoners experienced sexual violence from another prisoner, in contrast to a staff person.




iv, 66 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 57-63)

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