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In this dataset, we present 152 articles from the Requirements Engineering Education literature. We provide an Excel .xlsx file with the metadata and classification for each paper. We also include a bibtex file for convenience of the reader and future authors. Included in our classifications are spreadsheets for analysis of (1) publication year, (2) research methods, (3) academic level of observed learners, (4) educational approaches, and (5) learning outcomes. This dataset includes graphs and counts of reported numbers for easy verification for the associated publication(s) (see comments below).

Collection Method

We collected articles from Scopus using the search string "Requirements Engineering AND Education" in the area of "Computer Science". We then filtered the articles based on our inclusion and exclusion criteria (see Final Decision in metadata spreadsheet. We used two inclusion criteria for each paper: (1) Published in a peer-reviewed journal or conference/workshop proceedings; and (2) Focus on requirements engineering education. We excluded papers based on seven criteria: (1) Papers not focused on education; (2) Papers about requirements for engineering education; (3) Focus on requirements engineering for education systems; (4) Introductory papers for special issues, conferences, or workshops; (5) Publications shorter than three pages; (6) Publications not written in English; and (7) Full text neither available online nor via inter-lending.


Requirements Engineering (RE) has established itself as a core software engineering discipline. It is well acknowledged that good RE leads to higher quality software and considerably reduces the risk of failure or exceeding budgets of software development projects. Therefore, it is of vital importance to train future software engineers in RE and educate future requirements engineers to adequately manage requirements in various projects. However, to date there exists no central dataset for RE Education articles. To lay the foundation for this important mission, we conducted a systematic literature review. In this dataset, we present 152 articles from the Requirements Engineering Education literature. We provide the metadata, references, and our classification for each paper. We hope this dataset can be used by other researchers to advance the field of RE Education.


This data set has been used as reference material for the following published article(s): Marian Daun, Alicia M. Grubb, and Bastian Tenbergen. A Survey of Instructional Approaches in the Requirements Engineering Education Literature. To Appear in Proceedings of the IEEE 29th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE), 2021.

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