The world is fast approaching an all-hands-on-deck moment as the climate crisis picks up speed. All change, mitigation, and progress must come from knowledge, insight, and research. Academic institutions provide the scholarly building blocks necessary to create an informed and capable citizenry. The future depends upon our readiness to face the impending challenges before us all. Whether it is discipline-specific research or interdisciplinary connections, Smith faculty continue to produce important contributions toward addressing the crisis at hand.

For this exhibit, Smith ScholarWorks has brought together research that exemplifies these contributions. The collection is a living collection which will add scholarship as it is produced. It includes: faculty research out of, and often across, a multitude of disciplines; collaborations with colleagues in and out of Smith, or with students; as well as individually created work. From raw research to poetic meditations on the Anthropocene— it is an impressive body of work making a positive impact on our community: locally, regionally, and globally.

"Wind Turbines at Sunset" CC 0 1.1

Light Pollution, Radio Interference, and Space Debris: Threats and Opportunities in the 2020s

Scientist's Warning on Climate Change and Insects

How Does Climate Change Uniquely Threaten Women?

Long-Term Migration Trends and Rising Temperatures: The Role of Irrigation

African Environmental Change from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene

Wasteland Ecologies: Undomestication and Multispecies Gains on an Anthropocene Dumping Ground

Can Farmers Adapt to Higher Temperatures? Evidence from India

What Does it Take to Reduce Massachusetts Emissions 50% by 2030? Challenges Meeting Climate Goals Under Current Legislation (S.2500)

The ‘Others’ in John Lanchester’s The Wall

“You don’t wanna teach little kids about climate change”: Beliefs and Barriers to Sustainability Education in Early Childhood

Oceans in Peril: Grand Challenges in Applied Water Quality Research for the 21st Century

“Indigenous Women on the Frontlines of Climate Activism: The Battle for Environmental Justice in the Amazon” Sônia Guajajara and Célia Xakriabá