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Diminishing Winters and the Future of Winter Recreation
Annabel Stattelman-Scanlan, Kaia Cormier, Naina Bhargava, and Marge Poma Alarcon


Meridians: 23:1
Ginetta Candelario


Making Sense of the Arab State
Steven Heydemann and Marc Lynch


Images of Mental Illness Text and Performance
Ellen Kaplan and Sarah J. Rudolph


The Monarchs of Winghaven
Naila Moreira


repytah: An Open-Source Python Package for Building Aligned Hierarchies for Sequential Data
Chenhui Jia, Lizette Carpenter, Thu Tran, Amanda Y. Liu, Sasha Yeutseyva, Mariun Tapal, Yingke Wang, Zoie Kexin Zhou, Jordan Moody, Denise Nava, Eleanor Donaher, Lillian Yusha Jiang, Ben Bruncati, and Katherine M. Kinnaird


Acute Increases in Physical Activity and Temperature are Associated with Hot Flash Experience in Midlife Women
Sarah Witkowski, Quinn White, Sofiya Shreyer, Randi L. Garcia, Daniel E. Brown, and Lynnette Leidy Sievert


Lo que hago en mi habitación
Adrián Gras-Velázquez

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